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Jul 29, 2020: Version 1.0.0 is in the App Store (Games Night)

After a nervous wait of almost four days Games Night has passed the App Store review process and I have clicked the button to release it into the App Store. Hopefully it will be discoverable within the next 24hrs.

Jul 27, 2020: Version 1.0.0 is under review (Games Night)

On Friday evening I submitted Games Night for review in the App Store. Within 6 hours it had been rejected, though this was because I had been overly cautions with the age rating and ticked a couple of things that I thought I might need; Gambling and Simulated Gambling. I’d ticked these as they might consider the games alluded to gambling, but it turns out Individual developers are allowed to submit applications with those ticked.

Jul 11, 2020: Created entry in App Store Connect (Games Night)

I’ve created the relevant App Bundle IDs and App Store Connect Application in preparation to submit the applicaiton to the App Store.

Jul 9, 2020: New Sounds have been added (Games Night)

I’ve had some sounds effects created for Games Night. I decided to not get too carried away and drown the software with loads of effect. The thinking around this was that if the software was being used in a busy Pub or Club, then you probably wouldn’t hear them away how, even if the audio is played out via a sound system or TV.

Jul 5, 2020: Graphics have been applied (Games Night)

First post regarding Games Night!!


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