Feedback from the app store

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My submission was reject. The reason they gave was that I need to provide a video of the application running.

We have started the review of your app, but we are not able to continue because we need access to a video that demonstrates the current version of your app in use on a physical watchOS device.

Please only include footage in your demo video of your app running on a physical watchOS device, and not on a simulator. It is acceptable to use a screen recorder to capture footage of your app in use. Make sure all relevant app features, services, and permissions are clearly documented in the demo video.

I’m a bit confused by what they mean by a physical watchOS device, and not a simulator. Do I have to somehow record the application running on my Apple Watch? That could be tricky to get it looking good.

Plus they’ve also said that it is acceptable to use a screen recorder, but I didn’t think I could record the simulator?

This needs some research done to find out exactly what they mean.