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A watchOS application to track your score when playing Bowls.

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Games Night

A macOS application to host Games and Quiz Nights.

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One Letter

An iOS puzzle game where you change a single letter to make new words.

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Recent Posts

v1.6.0 Released

Games Night less than 1 minute read

What’s new in v1.6.0

What’s coming in the next release

Games Night less than 1 minute read

Just a quick note to state what I’m currently planning to include in the next release (v1.6.0), hopefully I’ll get these done, but there is no guarantee.

v1.5.5 Release

Games Night 1 minute read

Another Quiz focused release.

One Letter released

One Letter less than 1 minute read

A bit of shock today, One Letter got approved in the App Store on first attempt. I was not expecting that.

Website update

website less than 1 minute read

I decided to give the website a bit of a refresh. I’ve changed the theme, added the majority of the content from gamesnight.com (in preparation for getting ...