Grid Shift

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Grid Shift is a word puzzle game, where to complete a level you have to find all the words. Think of it like a Word Search game where there is a grid of letters that contains words to find.

The main different with Grid Shift is that the letters are not in the correct place to form the words. You have to move the letters into the correct place.

Level Start Word Found

How to play

To move the letters around you Shift the rows and columns of the Grid, either up/down or left/right, by using the buttons around the Grid.

Words have to be found in the direction indicated in area below the grid. As you can see from the screenshots Dog has to be found in the ACROSS direction. Finding a word in the wrong direction doesn’t count.

To complete a level (and unlock the next level), you must have ALL the words highlighted at the same time.

There are almost 200 levels for you to solve.



Medals are awarded as you progress through a level. To earn a medal you need to have the following number of words found at the same time.

  • Bronze : 50%
  • Silver : 75%
  • Gold : 100%

The number of medals you earn is recorded on the leaderboards.

The next level will be unlocked when you find all the words.


Each Shift of the Grid increases your move count. Try to complete the levels with in the fewest number of moves.


If you get stuck you have the option of watching an advert to see a ‘potential’ solution to the level. Why potential? Some levels can have more than one solution. For example there are eight different ways of making the word on Level 1.