Grid Shift

The twisted offspring of Word Search and a Rubik’s cube

Let’s be honest about this up front … it’s no looker. The chances of winning App World 2023 is slim to non-existent. I would liken it more to the App next door. Plain, dowdy, but with a certain charm.

However beneath those so-so looks lies a puzzle that is tricky, annoying, often difficult, but with an addictive quality that will keep you coming back for more.

I guess if you are still reading this you are wondering about that tag line at the top of the page, something to do with Word Search and a Rubik’s cube. Well let me explain …

  • Word Search - We all know this. A grid of seemingly random letters in which words are hidden that you need to find.
  • Rubik’s Cube - That annoying cube that you need to move the rows and columns around to match the colours on each side.

Grid Shift takes the elements of both of these puzzle types and splices them together.

A Level starts with a grid of seemingly random letters (sound familiar?). Underneath the grid is the list of words that you need to find. The twist is that the letters are not in the correct places to make the words! What you need to do is move the rows and columns around to find the words. And like the famed cube of misery, you will almost certainly have to temporarily break some words while making others.

Game Play

You are presented with a grid of letters. The earlier levels are a 4x4 grid, as you progress through the levels the size of the grid increases until you get to the 10x10 levels. Levels 1 through to 6 are designed to teach you the game.

Beneath the grid are the words you need to find. Words can be found across the grid (left -> right), and down the grid. The words have to be found in the direction indicated. Finding a word in the wrong direction doesn’t count.

You use the buttons around the grid to Shift the rows and column in order to move the letters around the grid.

When you find a word, the background of the tile will change colour. To complete the level you have to have all the words highlighted at the same time. This will also unlock the next level.

In a lot of cases there is no fixed location the words have to be found in. If you take level 1, it is possible to find the word dog in 8 different locations to complete the level. As the complexity of the grids increases sometimes a word has to be in a specific place to be able to find all the other words.

Quick info

App Name Grid Shift
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Description A word puzzle game where you need to find the words in a grid of letters.
Price Free
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