One Letter

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What is One Letter? Well it is my first attempt at writing a game that works on iOS devices. The principles of the game are; given a word how many other words can you make by changing a single letter.


Additions Menu Additions Game

With additions you are presented with a 3 letter word, and you have to make as many four letter words as you can by adding One Letter. You can place the letter anywhere in the word.

For example starting with the word POT: spot, pout, plot, etc


Chain Menu Chain Game

The idea behind Chains is that you start with a word, as shown in the below images the four letter word is tank, then you have to keep changing a single letter making a new word until you can’t make any more.

For example you might start with: Tank -> Bank -> Bane -> Bone -> Bore -> etc

You get 10 seconds to make a word. If you haven’t made a word after 10 seconds you lose a life. If you do make a word the timer resets.


Ladder Menu Ladder Game

Giving a starting word can you change it to the finish word one changing a single letter at a time?


Variations Menu Variations Game

Variations follows a similar patter to Chains, you have to chain a single letter to make a new word. The difference here is that all the words must be made from the starting word.

For example you start with Goop and you make Loop. You then revert back to Goop and you have to make another word.

The number of possible variations of the starting word is shown at the top of the screen.