v1.6.0 Released

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What’s new in v1.6.0

I really need to get better at doing the Marketing side of things. This release actually went live back on the 9th of May

Quiz Management has been renamed to Question Management to better reflect its functionality for upcoming new features.


  • A drawing game where the players have to guess the word/phrase/person/location from a quickly drawn image.
  • You use the renamed Question management section of the software to create ‘packs’ of words that you choose from the
  • Sketch Admin screen

Find the Lady

  • An implementation of the well known 3 card game, also call 3 Card Monte
  • 10 speeds to choose from.

Cheese Thief

  • A variation on the Hangman theme. The idea with Cheese thief is to guess a word before the mouse steals your cheese.
  • You can provide your own word or choose from the dictionary of words 4 - 8 letters words.

Along with the above there is the usual tweaks, improvements, and fixes.