v1.3.5 Release

Games Night less than 1 minute read

Well it looks like Apple has caught me out with this release. There is a freeze for new submissions to the app store between the 23 and the 27. So when I submitted v1.3.5 for review I expected it to join a long queue and not be available until next week, or even after the Xmas period. Turns out I was wrong.

So what’s in v1.3.5?

  • Redesigned admin interfaces
    • The buttons that controlled the game are now in a toolbar
    • Any game configuration options are now in a titlebar below the toolbar
    • Some of the game admin screen has been redesigned to use the extra space.
  • There is now a Game menu if you prefer to control the games using a menu
  • The Game menus have keyboard shortcuts to allow you to use the keyboard to control the games
  • If you have a MacBook with a touchbar you can now use this to control some aspects of the games
  • There is a new icon that better conforms to Big Sure
  • You can hide/show the players screen using an option on the Window menu
  • Other tweaks and improvements.