v1.4.0 Release

Games Night 1 minute read

This morning I was notified that v1.4.0 has been approved for the App Store and should be available within the next couple of days (or hours depending on how busy they are).

v1.4.0 brings two new games to Games Night and a slight modification to another.

New Games


Hangman bring the popular Pen and Paper game to Games Night. Choose a random word from the provided 4 - 14 letters words, or enter your own. Selected from either 6 or 12 guesses.

Wacky Racers<

Wacky Racers bring another race style game to Games Night this time with 10 different cartoon style runners that can race in 9 different environments. Don't fancy racing 9 snails, then why not pick and mix the runners to make it more fun. ## Updated ### Horse Race< Horse race borrows some of the new features from Wacky Racers such as parallax background and an updated race progress bar. It is now easier to hold race nights. Along with being able to name the horses, you can now also add an Owner and Jockey name to each horse allowing greater customisation and allocation of prizes.

The screen that shows the runners has been updated to make it look more like a race card to make the game more immersive. There are now more variants of horse names, and there are also default names for the Owners and Jockeys if you don’t want to set these values.