Take yourself to the races with this customisable Horse Race game. Choose the number of horse, the race length, and name the horses.

Player Experience

The race is on! The players are presented two main main screens.

The Race Card view which shows information about the race, such as the race location, title, length and horses. For fun some random values for age and weight are shown, but these do not affect the ability of the horse to win or lose. The main race screen when the race is run.

Admin Experience

On the admin screen for the horse race there are a number of configurations you can make.

  • Set the location of the race. This can be either the City or a Race track
  • Select the length of the race. You can choose between 3 and 10 furlongs
  • Select the number of runners that should participate in the Race. You can have from 2 to 10 runners.
  • You can save a favourite configuration as a preset to be used at a later date.

You have the option to enter a Location and Title for the race. These are optional and don’t effect the outcome of the race, but they do allow you to personal the race card shown to the players.

Each horse has three fields that you can use to customise the race. These are; the horse Name, the Owner and the Jockey.

The horse name will be automatically populate with a random name. You can edit the name of the horse, maybe if you are running a quiz night, you might want to enter change the horse names to the team names for a bit of fun. Both the Owner name and the Jockey name will be empty. These are optional and you don’t need to provide these values, when the race card is shown to the players some random names will be provided. If you want can enter your own names here.