Everyone loves raffle and this feature makes it easy simple. Enter what tickets have been sold, and the application does the rest for you.

Player Experience

The players view of the Raffle game shows all the possible tickets cycling around. The colour of the ticket is not shown at this point to allow the tickets to be draw without being influence by the colour.

When a ticket is draw the ticket colour changes to the appropriate colour shown the number.

Admin Experience

The admin interface allows you to enter the ticket numbers that you have sold. You can add multiple ticket combinations into the Ticket Sets table at the top of the screen, setting the ticket colour, and the highest and lowest number in that set of tickets. You also have the option to enter the ticket code if you wish.

When a ticket is drawn the number is displayed prominently, the background colour changes to match the appropriate colour, while the colour name and the ticket code are also shown.

All drawn tickets are recorded in the Drawn Tickets table.