Find the Lady

An implementation of the famous card puzzle.

Game Play

Find the Lady

The players are shown three cards, you show them where the Lady is to begin with and then you shiffle the cards. Can the player tell where the Lady ends up.

Games Master

Find the Lady Admin

User Interface

The interface comprises of three card, all face down. They will be disabled until the cards stop shuffling.

Once the cards have stopped shuffle a label will appear under the card that is the location of the Lady.

The cards when then become enabled. You can click a card to reveal to the player if their guess was correct or not.


Icon Purpose
Game Title Show game title page
Play Game Start the game
Play Game Show the Lady
Play Game Shuffle the cards

Game Options

There are 10 speeds the cards can be shuffled at

Game Play

  1. Show where the Lady is
  2. Shuffle the card
  3. As the player where they think the Lady is
  4. Turn over the card
  5. Repeat until they are correct