Penny Falls

Game Play

Penny Falls

The players select a Fall in which to drop their penny.

If they get a penny to drop off the bottom tier, they will get points for each penny that drops.

  • Bronze : 20
  • Silver : 50
  • Gold : 100

The top of the player view shows:

  • The player names
  • The number of Pennies they have left x?
  • Their score.

Games Master

Penny Falls

User Interface

The UI is broken up into three areas


The number of players reflects the number selected by the Players PopUp Control. You can enter the player names. This must be done before you click the ‘play’ button to start a game session.

You use the ‘Play’ button beside each player to select the active player.


There are three Falls into which pennies can be dropped: 1, 2 or 3. You need to select a Player in order for these buttons to enable.

Release Penny

There are three ways you can release a Penny into the machine, once a Fall as been selected.

  • Clicking the button on the Admin Screen
  • Pressing the Space bar when the button on the Admin Screen is enabled
  • Pressing a button on a Buzzer when the button on the Admin Screen is enabled. Note: Any button, on any controller, can be used, so be careful of non-current players cheating :)

There is no logic in place to prevent a player using more pennies than they initially get.


You can change the angle of the camera to better see what is happening on the machine. There are 6 options.

  • Full View : Shows the whole machine.
  • Tiers: Shows all three tiers
  • Top Tier: Focuses on the top tier
  • Middle Tier : Focuses on the middle tier
  • Bottom Tier: Focuses on the bottom tier
  • Falls: Focuses on the three Falls.


Icon Purpose
Game Title Show game title page
Play Game Start the game

Game Options

There are two game options:

  • The number of players 1 - 5
  • The number of initial pennies each play gets: 1 - 10

These can’t be changed once the game session has started.