Guess the word/phrase/person/etc from the drawing.


Games Master

Sketch Admin

You use the Question Management interface to define the words you want to use in this game. Words are grouped into packs and categories to make it easier for you to organise your words.

  • First create a pack. You do this by clicking the add button you would normally use for creating a new Quiz. Select skech from the option
  • Then you create a category to organise your words into, using the button you would use for Rounds
  • Finally add your words buy click the add question button and selecting sketch from the bottom of the menu

User Interface

The interface consists of a couple of elements:

  • The game logo is displayed while waiting for the player to start
  • Once the player has clicked the logo the drawing area appears
  • The word they have to sketch is showing above the drawing area


Icon Purpose
Game Title Show game title page
Toggle Titlebar Show/Hide titlebar
Reveal Reveal the word

Game Options

There are three drop down menus that you can select the work from your predefine packs and categories.

Game Play

  1. Select a word - The log appear in the center of the admin screen
  2. Hide the options so the player doesn’t get any extra time to think while you explain the rules
  3. When the player is ready ask them to click the logo and the drawing area will appear for them to start drawing
  4. The drawing area will disappear automatically when the time runs out.
  5. Click the reveal button to show the word.
  6. Click restart
  7. Select another word.